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George Walkem

After covering one of the most famous premiers in Canadian history, its time to take a step back to a man who is relatively unknown even in his own province, George Anthony Walkem. Walkem was born in Ireland on Nov. 15, 1834, one of ten children...

Amor De Cosmos

After talking about the first premier of British Columbia, John McCreight, a man who never wanted the job, we move on to one of the most famous men to ever hold the post of premier in the Pacific province, Amor De Cosmos. Amor De Cosmos was born...

The SS Beaver

The SS Beaver

Support the podcast and page for as little as $1 a month:  the Canadian history chat on Discord:  on iTunes to the podcast (many bonus features) right here Stretching for 101 feet, with a beam of 33 feet and capable of hauling 109 tons, the SS...

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