Christopher Rosborough of Grenfell

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Running a business in the community for 48 years, Christopher Rosborough was a widely respected man in the community for many years. Having served as the mayor of the community, as well as on the school board, with the Athletic Association, on council and with the Agricultural Society, there didn’t seem to be anything he wasn’t involved in.

A renowned footballer in the area, he was also an avid curler. For his dedication to curling, he was made a Life Member of the Saskatchewan Curling Association.
In addition, he was also a candidate for the Legislature in 1905 for the area. If that wasn’t enough, he served in the First World War with distinction, coming back to help the community to help his brothers in arms in everything they needed.
So widely respected was he in the community that upon his retirement in 1943, he was given a book, 44 pages long, of signatures from everyone in the community, thanking him for his hard work for the community.
Rosborough was also widely respected by the First Nations people of the area. The respect was shown when he was made an Honorary Chief of the Sakimay Tribe. He accepted their honour with a gracious attitude.

Nine years later, upon his passing, Rosborough’s First Nation brothers were part of his funeral service and a ceremonial headdress was placed on his coffin and a eulogy was delivered from the Cree by Peter George. 
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