When The Governor General Came To Glenboro In 1932

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There have been many important visitors to the rural communities around Glenboro, including athletes, politicians and media stars. One of the most important individuals to ever come to the area was the representative of the Royal Family, the Governor General of Canada.
It was on Aug. 20, 1932 when it was announced that Lord Bessborough, the Governor General, would be coming to the community for a brief visit while traveling through southwest Manitoba. This would be the first time that a representative of the Royal Family would visit Glenboro.
To get ready for the visit, a group of business owners came together to discuss plans for the reception, and it was decided that a welcome ceremony would be held on the lawn of the CPR station agent G.L. McQueen. Five constables were also appointed to assist Provincial Constable Alex Johnson to regulate traffic.
When the big day arrived a change of plans was in order due to the high heat already hitting the area by 10 a.m. It was decided that to move the event over to a shaded area where it was much cooler.
Throughout the town flags were set up and an artistic arch was put on the CPR lawn. It was also decorated with sheaves of grain to add an agricultural touch to the festivities.
The Glenboro Band was in attendance and they began playing as the motorcade arrived with the RCMP on motorcycles. As soon as the Governor General left his car, the band began playing the national anthem. Several local dignitaries were there to greet the Governor General including the Honourable Robert Rogers, Brigadier T.V. Anderson, the Lt. Governor J.D. McGregor, Premier John Bracken and Mayor Ralph H. Webb.
The Governor General then gave a brief speech and thanked everyone for the kind welcome and mentioned that now that the ice was broken, he would probably have similar further visits.
A local boy named Gerald Ferg was wandering around on the yard and the Governor General picked up him and posed for the camera.
Soon after, the Governor General got back into his car and left as the band once again played O’ Canada.
It was a short but momentous visit for the small Manitoba community.
As for Lord Bessborough, he would remain as Governor General until 1935 and he would pass away at the age of 75 in 1956.
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